Language and Literacy skills are important in all areas of the curriculum and contribute to the social, emotional and educational development of each child. Children need to be able to speak, read and write fluently and accurately. We will develop children’s ability to communicate effectively in speech and writing and to listen with understanding. Children must be taught and encouraged to become enthusiastic, responsive and knowledgeable readers, with reading for enjoyment a key element. Writing enhances teaching and learning in all subjects, the children have the language to learn and communicate, process information, to evaluate and reason, explore and organise and to show empathy. The key skills of Literacy are taught throughout the school curriculum, and children in all year groups are given the opportunity to experience all genres of Literacy.  The School has an extensive reading scheme which children have access to from EYFS, with "free readers" available to promote reading for pleasure. We follow the Ruth Miskin Read Write Inc. phonic scheme.


Please take your time to read our literacy policies. You can view the policies by clicking on the titles below.