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Toad - Guilty or Innocent?

January 16, 2020

As part of our English unit Wind in the willows, year 4 really enjoyed debating whether Toad should serve a minimum term of 20 years imprisonment for stealing a motor car. Half of the group came up with reasons why Toad was innocent and the other half argued that he was guilty. After a heated discussion where both sides made their points, it was left to members of the jury to decide.

In 4HT the jurors deemed that the punishment was too strict, hence reducing it to 15 years. In 4RB, the jurors decided that Toad would need to have his driving license taken away from him and would have to pay a heavy fine alongside completing his sentenced imprisonment. However, in 4BC the jury decided the jail term was not enough and increased it to 25 years. A harsh lesson for poor Toad!

Year 4 - Maya Day

January 16, 2020

As an introduction to our spring topic based on the Maya civilisation, year 4 completed a number of activities linked to the ancient Maya. During the day, the children had the benefit of listening to archaeologist Dr Diane Davies about her first hand experiences in Central America and excavations of Maya areas and burial sites. We discussed how the Maya people created buildings, artwork and crafts, and writing and books, before we examined various artefacts and predicted what they were used for, made out of and who they belonged to. Finally, the children made Maya calendars and masks to take home as a reminder of the day.

For extra information on the ancient Maya or for any help with learning log activities based on the topic, please visit the excellent website

Wolves Play Cafe sessions at Springdale

January 14, 2020

We had a great session at school today! If you are interested please call to book a place. Their contact info/ad is below but you can also find out more from the Wolves Play Cafe Facebook page.


Wolves Play Cafe are looking forward to working with local school Springdale Primary to deliver weekly Early Explorers play sessions on Tuesday afternoons 13.45 to 15.00!

The sessions start this Tuesday 14th January and are funded by Springdale. If you and your under 5s are in the Penn, Warstones or Merry Hill areas or know any little ones who are, we’d love to see you!


There are limited spaces so to book or for more information message us or contact on 07487546416.

'Be Ambitious' Competition Winner

January 09, 2020

Amelia Biggs (in 6ST) won a Christmas visit to the Wolves Training Ground on the 18th December, after being nominated by her teacher for demonstrating the 'be ambitious values' in school. This was a spectacular achievement, as she was selected along with five other children out of over 300 nominations! She had a fantastic afternoon touring the training ground then finally spending quality time with some of the footballers playing board games! Below are the players that she was lucky enough to meet! Well done Amelia!

  • Matt Doherty

  • Conor Coady

  • John Ruddy

  • Jesus Vallejo

  • Billie Haynes

  • Jen Anslow


January 06, 2020

Wow! there has been some strange happenings in Reception this week! 

We came inside from playtime on Monday to find footprints!! Who did they belong to? How did they get there? The children believed these to be the footprints of a dinosaur! We discussed dinosaurs in our classes.

We thought of facts we already knew about dinosaurs, and then what we would like to find out. The children thought of some fantastic questions

Special Footage!!

December 20, 2019

You will not believe what happened in Reception yesterday!! Watch these videos and see!!!!

Special Visitor!

December 19, 2019

We were very lucky yesterday as a special visitor came to school to see Early Years and KS1. How exciting?!! We all had a wonderful time dancing at the party after!!

School Football Team

December 19, 2019

On Saturday 14th December, our school football team were ball boys/girls for the League 2 match between Walsall and Macclesfield Town. 

They had a fantastic day which included a tour of the stadium, a training session on the 3G pitch and a chance to play in the junior fanzone before being paraded on the pitch before kick off.

View video here.

Carols and Cocoa

December 17, 2019

The Nursery children were looking forward to sharing our Christmas songs with their family and loved ones. They sang superbly and certainly put us in the Christmas spirit! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. Merry Christmas!

Fire Service

December 09, 2019

Today the fire service visited Early Years. In the morning we met some of the firefighters from the local station. They brought some of the safety equipment that they use and clothing that they wear, and we talked about fire safety. In the afternoon we were very lucky to have a fire engine come to school. We looked at all of the equipment that was on board and saw the flashing lights! We had fun trying on helmets and sitting in the fire engine! The afternoon concluded with an extra surprise...A fire dog! We met one of the dogs that they use to help after a fire. These dogs are very clever as they can help us to find out what started a fire by using their very unique sense of smell. What a great day at school today!

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