It has been lovely to see Year 6 in school over the last few weeks and I am sure you will be really excited to now be joining in with your future secondary schools transition activities. You will be hearing directly from secondary schools about what this will involve but there is also a link on the Wolverhampton Website with individual school information https://www.wolverhampton.gov.uk/coronavirus-advice-and-information/guidance-for-schools-and-education-providers/year-6-7-transition

Lots of secondary schools will be setting up home learning based on a book called ‘Wonder’ but if your school is not using this we will also put some activities on the Home Learning Section of the Springdale Website for you to complete.

It certainly has not been the usual end of term for Year 6, we were really enjoying having such a hard working, kind cohort of children setting such a fantastic example to the rest of school. Springdale has really missed out not being able to share the summer term with you, but we are sure you will take your memories of Springdale and enjoy the many opportunities at secondary and create many new moments.

We still have reports to give out, and although you may not usually look forward to these, we have been thinking hard about leaving you with some Springdale memories so when the reports are ready for collection we will include a surprise gift which we hope will remind you of your time and friends at Springdale.

Take care and remember to keep in touch for the rest of the summer term with your teachers through Purple Mash, we look forward to hearing how you are getting on.

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