An Introduction to RWI Phonics

Read, Write, Inc is the phonics scheme we use to teach reading and spelling in Early Years and Key Stage One. We have chosen Read, Write, Inc because we want our children to learn to read as quickly as possible, and then read widely and become lifelong readers. 

This video, taken from the Ruth Miskin website, explains the scheme in more detail:

We start teaching the programme in the Early Years and then continue until they have worked their way through the whole reading scheme, usually this is during Years One or Two. We assess all children on the scheme every term, to ensure that they are placed in the perfect group for their reading ability. This also allows us to quickly identify any children who need some support to access the learning at the level of the group.

Children begin by learning the Set 1 sounds in a specific order. They also begin learning to blend sounds together to make words after learning the first 5 sounds, firstly through practising oral blending. Then, when they can blend independently, they progress on to reading green words.

As soon as children can read green words, they begin to read ditties and stories in their Read, Write, Inc sessions. Each storybook is matched to the sounds they can already read, which sets them up for success and helps to build their confidence with reading. It is through these storybooks that we teach children red words, which are irregular words that are not phonetically plausible and cannot be sounded out (fred talked). Each storybook is taught in the same way, with children practising reading the green words in the story and also the red words, before they begin to read the book. Children will then read the book several times to help build their fluency and comprehension skills. 

Please click on the videos below for further information and support.

Understanding phonics - for parents and carers

How to say the sounds

An example of a speed sounds lesson

How to find out more...

There are some useful documents below to help support your child at home...

How to write the sounds
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How to say the sounds
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Downloads and videos
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