Bring Your Bike To Nursery!

Nursery have had a fabulous start to the summer term today! We have started our topic all about journeys by finding out where Eddie, the Springdale teddy, had been on his adventures over the Easter holidays. His first journey was to Bantock Park and he got there by riding his bike.

Today the children were working on their physical development skills using their own bikes from home. We had a great adventure on the big playground, pedalling as fast as they could as they raced their friends! There was lots of perseverance as the children kept on trying to get over the bumps, get back on their bike after a little tumble or pedal for the first time! We talked about some of the safety features on their bikes; a bell to ring to let others know you are coming; brakes on their handle bars to slow down or stop the wheels; and a helmet to protect their heads from getting bumped if they fall off.

Take a look at the pictures below and keep on riding your bikes at home too. We are very proud of you all!


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