Cool Kids Lesson 1

Cool kids developed by Joy High out of years of experience as an Occupational therapist working with children and giving advice to parents and teachers. Wolverhampton LEA supported the introduction of the programme in schools across the borough in 2003. Its aim is to enhance children’s learning by improving coordination, motor development, organisation skills and concentration. Children work towards being calm, confident and able to concentrate. There has been indications of academic improvement including handwriting. The programme works on the foundations of gross motor development which underlines and underpins fine motor development and the ability to pay attention. The course takes the children through the stages of development starting with working on their backs, tummies, sitting, kneeling and then using standing. From then work is done on balance, bi-lateral movement and co-ordination.

1. Body awareness

2. Posture control in developmental sequence

A – Supine – lying on backs – lifting head, moving limbs on floor, moving arms above body, with bean bag etc.

B – prone – lying on tummies – lift arms, legs, head, move arms legs in patterns, move across the floor move objects between hands play ball games.

C – rolling

D – sitting up straight with legs straight flat in front do activities, then try cross legged.

E – Crawling

F – kneeling and half kneeling – passing balls, pushing pulling games, mirror games, clapping games. G – standing use equipment and games.

3. Praxis – animal walks, obstacle course, follow the leader, tangles, and action songs.

4. Bilateral actions and activities that require sequence and rhythm

- Learning to skip with a long rope

- Ball skills - Clapping games - Jumping games

5. Modulation of arousal levels – go and freeze games, controlled movements, weight bearing.

6. Relaxing

7. Listening and Language development.

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