Easter Battle of the Bands RESULTS

Well done to everyone who took part in this battle! The results are as follows:

Year 4 =10,510 V Year 6 =12,082

Year 6 were the winners by approximately 1,500 points. Well Done Year 6 but all respect to year 4. This was a VERY close battle.

Year 3= 8,336 V Year 5= 2,225

Brilliant year 3! Year 5 this is a disappointing result as we know how good you are at your times tables. But to win you need to play. Year 5's Teamwork needs work.

In order of points the results were:

1st Year 6

2nd Year 4

3rd Year 3

4th Year 5

Prizes will be finding their way to the highest scorers and most improved these are, Rock Names only:

Year 6: VV Volt and Nancy Allison

Year 5: JoJo Hayes and Tim Sneider

Year 4: Baz Snoob and Carrie Brook

Year 3: Piper Pascal and Toryn Furay