Easter Hols Battle of The Bands Round 1

Year 4 V Year 5

Year 4 won by a whooping 14 , 614 points to 4211!

19 players from Year 4 defeated ONLY 9 players for Year 5- which may be the reason for their crushing defeat.

Year 5 TOP Scorers were:

Jenny De La Rocha- A SUPERSTAR scoring the highest points with 6,009

Baz Snoob- A name we have not heard of yet was the second highest scorer for Year 5- Fantastic!

Year 4 TOP Scorers were:

Fruity Lacey- a frequent name on the top scoring board and clearly a hard worker

Max Reed- Well Done Max- we haven't seen your name before, but are looking forward to seeing it lots more.

Year 3 V Year 6

Year 6 won by ONLY 5113 points to year 3's very respectable 2905

13 players in year 6 defeated 12 players in year 3.

Year 6 TOP Scorers were:

V V Volt- who scored an electrifying 2665 points coming in as the second highest scorer in the whole battle.

Cove Wilson- a new name but a high scorer- Well done! Good to see you!

Year 3 TOP Scorers were:

Freya Eyre

Shauna Walsh

WeLL done to both of you! Excellent Scores.

So next week we will see a battle between:

Year 6 V Year 4 - I know what my prediction will be in that battle.

Year 3 V Year 5 - your scores wree close in the first round so who knows what will happen.

REMEMBER: TOP and MOST IMPROVED scorers from each year group will win an hand delivered ( at a safe distance) chocolately prize!

Year 2 Have been working hard!

Top Scorer = Blayze Kinsella

Most Improved = Pete Rock

Year 1 have also been working hard!

Top Scorer= Haley Mumford

Most Improved= JJ Pestle

Rock Respect to all those who have taken part- it would be great if there were more of you. The New Battle Starts on Monday at 7:00am so enjoy a weekend of chocolate and get ready to burn off some Times Table Energy on Easter Monday.


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