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Eat Them To Defeat Them- The Final

Thank you to the whole of Springdale for working hard for the last four weeks to Crunch Carrots, Battle Broccoli, Stupefy Sweetcorn, Panic Peas and Terrify Tomatoes, to name but a few. We have won the battle to stop the vegetables taking over the world, whilst kept our brains and bodies healthy. But the fight must go on! Despite the temptation of chocolate over the Easter Holidays, don't forget all the fantastic vegetable 'frienemies' (friend/enemy) you have made. Thankyou to the kitchen staff for creating delicious veg packed meals, all the parents/carers who provided veg packed lunch boxes and everyone who else has supported us at home

Rewards for Mission Charts brought into school will be awarded after Easter. Remember... keep crunching!

School Updates

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