Happy Easter!

Hope this finds you well and safe

It's two whole weeks since we've seen most of you...seems like a long time! Usually, today would be the last day of the Spring Term. Usually, you would be looking forward to two weeks of 'no school. Usually on the last day of the Spring Term, we would have had our Awards Assemblies with Attendance Certificates and been able to sing Easter Songs and Hymns.

The teachers have been setting you all sorts of things to help you to carry on learning and are using the School Update page to send you messages and alert you to new activities.

We are trying to find safe ways to stay in touch so please look on Purple Mash and find the '2Blog' for your Year group and/or other groups. Please feel free to ask anything or comment on work you are doing on Purple Mash and the other websites you have used or activities that you have done. Your teachers in Years 1 to 6 will be able to respond.

Please continue to stay in and to stay safe.


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