Maths Update

Just a reminder that Maths Homework for Years 1-Year 6 is set on TT Rockstars and we all have 10 sessions on Garage to complete. This week I will name the class who have completed the most homework on my Friday Round Up and they will get 10 mins extra playtime when we get back to school.Please make sure you do your homework. Speedy and Accurate Times Table knowledge helps with almost all you work in maths and this is a great time to practise it.

Check out the Maths Y2-Y6 Arithmetic folder on the Home Learning Tab as there are lots of practise tests (with ANSWERS for parents)

Maths work will also be set on Purple Mash by your teachers- click on your 'To Do' list, send to your teacher when completed and they can mark it.

The links below are for some websites that are great for learning maths at home. White Rose have daily lessons. Numberblocks and Top Marks are games and stand alone activities. Definitely worth a look. Let me know what you think.



Key stages: early years foundation stage and key stage 1

Top Marks


Key stages: early years foundation stage, key stage 1 and key stage 2

White Rose Maths (home learning)


Key stages: early years foundation stage to key stage 2


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