Maths Update

There is a new maths folder 'Year 5 and 6 Reasoning Practice Tests'. Reasoning is using your maths skills and applying them to different mathemetical problems to demonstrate understanding. Most of them have 20 marks so that means they would have a 20 minute time limit, but they don't have to be done as a test. The questions are all taken from previous Year 6 SATs papers so they will give you an idea of the variety of question types- some are quite easy and some are quite hard- even for adults. I've grouped them into maths topic areas so I'd definitely start with the one you feel most confident with and probably not algebra! I'd start with addition. My apologies that you need to download to access them at the moment- but I'm seeking technical advice to improve this. Remember these are designed to be completed at the end of year 6 so many of the questions you will struggle to answer correctly yet- but for many questions even if you answer part of it correctly you will get a mark! Answer sheets are included. If there are certain questions that you always get stuck on, then bring an example into school when we get back and we can ensure that they are part of our priority plan.


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