Need more Maths? Totally Understandable. Here are some Helpful Home Learning Websites and Apps!

Recommended WEBSITES:  A good website for KS1 This website has visual animations and guidance on teaching calculation strategies for basic addition/subtraction facts and is designed for parents too.

 Learning video lessons with some activities on screen.  - Each day there are 5 maths questions set covering a range of topics under different challenge levels – bronze, silver, gold and platinum  - A great website with lots of maths resources to explore

 https:// A great way to learn times tables, get fit and have fun!

 a loud and exciting adventure games which relies on Maths knowledge to succeed., you can set it to your child’s year group.

 This generates times tables tests and can be used interactively.







Recommended APPS: FREE:

 King of Maths

 Monkey Maths Jet Pack

 Times Table Clock

 Interactive Telling Time

Recommended APPS:

To purchase on an ipad (#WORTH IT!)

 Numbergym: Table Trainer

 Numbergym: Times Tables

 Numbergym: Mental Maths Challenge

 Interactive Resources Primary Maths Games

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