Rematch Update

I'll start with the facts! Springdale suffered a worst defeat this week than before with Woodfield beating us by 115,495 points to our 41,094! Sorry Mrs Wills- we won't put you through this again. In our defence they have two really high scorers- who as I said last time I suspected to be over zealous teachers though this cannot be proven. These two high scorer scored 43,000 and 41,000. Not really a balanced match. Woodfield had 27 players but Springdale had 42 players. Ignoring these two high scorers on the opposing team, Springdale fought hard and on average scored higher. More of our team got involved.

The Top Ten Springdale players were:

  1. Jenny De La Rocha- usually at the top! Y4

  2. VV Volt- often second, sometimes first. Y6

  3. Justin Elephante Y2- Excellent!

  4. .Ash Combo Y4 A new name!

  5. Stephanie Blumberg Y2- Improving all the time.

  6. Piper Pascall Y3- A regular star!

  7. Baz Snoob Y4- Baz I know how hard you are working!

  8. Rock Bragg Y4- Not seen your name often.- keep going, it's working!

  9. Brock Rockbwoy Y1- Wow! Consitently Brilliant.

  10. Warrick Fox Y6- Fabulous!!

Rock Respect to you all- Double Rock Respect as it was officially Half Term.

Homework reflected this and it was single digits in each maths group who completed it. This week you are forgiven!

Next Week HOMEWORK is set to 5 sessions on Garage and I will be announcing the classes who complete the most- remember I am ever hopeful for close to 100% as you all have the time to do it.

BATTLES set for next week are:



Year 4 V Year 5

Year 1 can have a less pressured, more practise week! Don't forget Numbots ( Number, addition and subtraction skills)can be accessed by your TT Rockstars login.

All practice improves skill, it may not seem like it at times but keep going, it is working.



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