Return to School Information for Children

Dear Children,

We are really looking forward to Wednesday 2nd September when Year groups will return to school and we know you will enjoy being with your friends again. There are a few changes to school which we have to put in to place to keep you safe which I will try to explain here.

So we have staggered start and finish times but tried to keep it so that you can be dropped off in different year groups safely and quickly.


Nursery 8.45 or 12.30 (Parents enter through gate and cross nursery playground, drop off at door by cloakroom, leave same way)

Reception – Year 2

We have a one way system entering through the gate by the nursery and leaving through the gate by the school kitchen

Years 1 and 2 8.45 – 9.00

Reception 8.55 – 9.10.

Years 3-6

KS2 entrance across car park. We have moved the bike racks, so you don’t have to go across the playground. Please make sure you can lock your bike up

8.40 – 9.00

NB For the first two days Years 3 will arrive between 9.00 – 9.10 so you can get used to walking into school through the KS2 entrance car park


Nursery – 11.45 and 3.30

Reception – 2.55 until 3.05

KS1 – 3.05

Y3 and 4 - 3.10

Y5 and 6 – 3.20


Water bottle

Sandwiches (if not having a school dinner)

PE kit

Reading book

Piece of fruit for playtime in KS2

You may bring these items in your school bag. You do not need pencils or crayons we have made up a pencil case for you to use


Staff have been working hard to get classrooms ready and the main change is that you will sit in rows in year 1 to 6 or be working in small groups within nursery and reception.

We will remind you that you must wash your hands regularly and your teachers will teach you the correct way to do this. You may bring hand sanitiser but there is plenty of gel and soap in school.

If you sneeze or cough we will ask you to use a tissue and throw it away afterwards.

You will stay with your class or year group (called Bubbles) and we have organised playtime and dinnertime so you can stay with your year group friends, we will ask you to stay with your year group in zones on the playground.

In the Dining Rooms we will ask you to sit with your class in rows, we will still be serving hot dinners each day and have a good choice of food.

There are also markings on the floor to help you socially distance in the corridors.


You will have seen on the website the changes to the Early Years outdoor area, but we also have some new additions to the Key stage 2 playground ….we can’t wait to share them!

So the holidays are over and everybody is returning to school with some changes to keep you safe and well, but we are really looking forward to being back together and moving forward with our learning.

Mrs Hopkins


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