Rocky's Recycling

The Eco Paw Patrol Pup set Nursery a recycling mission! We learnt about where our rubbish goes once we put it in the bin and decided it would be much better to recycle what we can and re-use plastic to make them into something else. We talked about the different bins we have at home and watched our Wolverhampton dancing bin men videos on YouTube.

Nursery enjoyed the story 'Somebody Swallowed Stanley' by Sarah Roberts but we felt awful for the poor animals having plastic in the oceans and it making them poorly. (You can listen to the story again here )

Thank you for sending in the plastic bottles for us to re-use and transform into something else! The children have decided to use it as a plant pot and grow some herbs in them! We've had a great time decorating the recycled 'pots' this week and are looking forward to planting our seeds and helping them to grow next week!


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