Springdale V Woodfield Top of the Rocks Final Results

Thankyou for your fantastic effort Springdale

If you don't want to know then look away NOW!

Woodfield 380,051

Springdale 155,051

OUCH! However Woodfield did have 3 very high scorers who between them scored 110,000 points without the rest of the school. Could those players have been a little older than the average primary school child I wonder? Nevertheless, not wanting to be sore losers, we offer our sincere congratulations to Woodfield.

May I also congratulate some fantastic performances from the Springdale Team:

Jenny De L Rocha Y4 scored 11,588 TOP SCORE

Piper Pascal Y3 scored 9,178

Fruity Lacey Y5 scored 9171

Richie Corabi Y6 scored 8980

IRock Diamond Y4 8562

Sam Useche was the highest scorer in year 2

Kevn Von Rock Y1 ( sorry I called you Kevin in my last post) was the highest scorer in Y1

Before we enter any more inter-school battles we will practise amongst ourselves. Mr Cowen has set up an Easter Battle next week: