TT Rocks Update -Did you beat the teachers?

What an exciting week of battling! Well done to all who fought hard. I can't believe how well your speed and accuracy is improving! The Teachers score was 23,633

Year 1 scored 5,375. The highest scorers were Brock Rockbwoy and Jet Static . These two are becoming regular names on my updates. They scored higher than most teachers! I think it was very mean of the teachers to battle you, but you put up a good fight. Well done!

Year 2 scored 14,887. The highest scorers were Justin Elefante and Sam Useche. Both scored over 3000 points each, which is higher than all the teachers, except the two highest scorers- I'll tell you who they were in a minute! A fantastic score Year 2 you were getting close to the teachers.

Year 3 scored 8,587.The highest scorers were Piper Pascal- whose score hasn't been beaten by anyone in year 3 and a newcomer, Elroy McCoy. I am very pleased to see you as a high scorer Elroy as you are in my set and weren't that keen on times tables practice at the start of the year.

YEAR 4 BEAT THE TEACHERS with a score of 26,782! Wow! Look what you can achieve when you work hard. Brilliant Year 4! Perhaps you need to be the teachers when we come back to school! Your highest scorers were no suprise as again they were Jenny de La Rocha and Baz Snoob who both scored higher than ANY of the teachers- so actually higher than their own teacher!

Year 5 scored 19,194. A great performance year 5 as you very nearly did beat us! You did need a comeback though because up to now the team performance has been poor. You are on the up. The highest scorers were Mia Sweet and Ava Zaremba.

YEAR 6 TRIUMPHED with a score of 33,208, it was a metaphorical massacre! So glad you are continuing to work hard year 6! Knowing you times tables well will really help at secondary school and in your GCSEs ( important tests when you are 16). The highest scorers were VV Volt wh scored almost double the highest teacher score and a new comer Dallas Bautista. Good to see you Dallas- you got out of bed early last week! The teachers feel like this:

The highest scoring teachers were Devin Rockmachips and Five Beckett who are both year 4 teachers- perhaps that's why year 4 are so good and they knocked Duchess Bloom of the top spot! Well done Teachers! but next time - do better!

HOMEWORK: 5PM and 6ST were the only two classes to achieve over 50% of homework completed! Good but I'd really like closer to 100%. Next week homework will be 5 sessions on garage, but also challenge at least 1 person on Rockslam- have a go, it's fun!

NEXT WEEKS BATTLE starts a 9.00am tomorrow and finishes 4:00pm on friday. And it will be:


This includes the teachers- though I think I put Mr Bull in the girls team and don't know how to change it! Don't tell him and he might never know. Though he did wear a kilt on TT Rockstars day...


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