TT Rockstars HomeworK

Just a reminder that homework is set on TT Rockstars every week and it runs from Saturday 9:00 am to Friday 4:00 pm. Everyone from year 1 to year 6 has 10 sessions on Garage to complete. That is 10 minutes a week, 2 minutes a day if you only do week days- so totally achievable. All children are set to 'Automatic training' which means that they will be given their weakest times tables to practise and embed ready for their next 'Gig' (test) . The 'Gig' will identify the next times tables that need to be practised and how many sessions until the next Gig. Well done to everyone who is completing their TT Rockstars homework. Teachers check regularly, so we know who is and isn't! You also earn the most coins on Garage: 10 coins per correct answer! So if you are looking to dress your Avatar ready for Easter/ Summer then keep playing!

Once homework is complete then you can go on to;

STUDIO to practise all timestables and improve your Rock Speed and Status.

SOUNDCHECK is speed test consisting of 25 questions with a 6second timelimit for each question,

FESTIVAL where you can play against others around the world ( totally safely)

ARENA where you can play against others in your school

ROCKSLAM where you can set a challenge for others- Why not challenge the teachers?

Look out for BATTLES! At the moment its:

Year 1 V Year 2

Year 3 V Year 4

Year 5 V Year 6 ( Year 5 currently in the lead!)

6NW ( who are somewhat behind) V 6ST

Don't let your team down!

EXCITING NEWS: This week we also have a SPRINGDALE V WOODFIELD interschool battle. Which is really Mrs Wills V Mr Wills Monday 31st- Friday 4th April

COME ON SPRINGDALE! Practise hard and win the Battle.

Remember: Knowing all your times tables at speed helps with ALMOST everything in Maths!

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