TT Rockstars Update 04.06.20

Thank you for your Brilliant Battling this week. You demonstrated the importance of hard- work, practice, perseverance and determination. Your teachers could learn some lessons from you! They only scored 624 points and so EVERY year group beat them. Mr Shillito, Miss Thompson and Mrs Schubert were the STAR players - in fact the ONLY players! A big Rock Respect to all three of them as they saved the Teachers from almost total embarrassment!

The scores are as follows:

Year 1 won with 2356 points. Top scorers: AXLE VILE ( she definitely isn't) and NUNO BARON- a regular winner.

Year 2 won with a whopping 5699 points. Top Scorers: STEPHANIE BLUMBERG and JUSTIN ELEFANTE- another regular winner.

Year 3 won with a solid 2490 points. Top Scorers: ALLEN COPING ( an up and coming rockstar)and TORYN FURAY- a new name on the Rock scene.

Year 4 won with a massive 15,138 points. Top Scorers: BAZ SNOOB ( always close to first place but this time you made it!) and STACEY SOTO- another new name on the Gigging circuit.

Year 5 won with a humongous 15,797 points. Top Scorers: KO SAVAGE ( a close relation of AXLE, thank you for the encoragement KO) and AIMEE VON ROCK - who lives not far from me so that's an easy deliver!

Year 6 Stormed to Success with a STUPENDOUS 18,515 points. Top Scorers- who were responsible for a large proportion of these are: VV VOLT and RICHIE CORABI both of these players are regular winners and demonstrate an impressive example to us all.

The top 2 scorers from each Year group Team will receive a 'hand delivered' certificate and a times table free gift!

NEXT WEEKS BATTLE will be the last for a while- they will be closed for general maintenance- so it is going to be GIRLS V BOYS! The boys won last time, so come on girls! The top 10 players from each team will receive a CERTIFICATE, Free TT GIFT and something chocolaty! That's got to be work a little extra effort.

HOMEWORK: Will again be 5 Garage sessions which amounts to 5 minutes practice- that's all! 1 session a day is 1 minute a day. The highest score last week for Homework completion was 10 out of 28! Come on everyone- lets make this the week that we achieve 100% homework completion success- to be honest I'd be happy with anything close to 50%!

BATTLES and HOMEWORK start on Monday 6th July at 9:00am and finish at 4:00pm on Friday 10th July.

ROCK RESPECT to you all!

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