TT Rockstars Update 21.06.20

Thank you Rockstars for all your efforts in the battles last week. I know in school we were watching the scores closely and working hard to make our team wins. Practice, hard work and perseverance are the keys to success. Below are classes, scores and the most valuable players - who will receive a certificate, either via Royal Mail or Grayson Mail. One is safe and fast, the other is dangerous at times ( I'm teaching my daughter to drive as she can't have lessons at the moment!) and a bit slow! Please be patient!

  1. 5PM Scored 13,678 Most Valuable Player KO SAVAGE

  2. 4HT Scored 11,097 Most Valuable Player JENNY DE LA ROCHA

  3. 2MS Scored 7,212 Most Valuable Player JUSTIN ELEFANTE

  4. 1BW Scored 6,752 Most Valuable Player BROCK ROCKBWOY

  5. 56KK Scored 5,861 Most Valuable Player VV Volt

  6. 5SG Scored 5,180 Most Valuable Player JESSY SCHWARTZMAN

  7. 6ST Scored 4,285 Most Valuable Player NONA BEEFHEART

  8. 6NW Scored 4,005 Most Valuable Player RICHIE CORABI

  9. 4RB Scored 1,857 Most Valuable Player CARRIE BROOKE

  10. 4ACBC Scored 1696 Most Valuable Player ISAAC DAY

  11. 3PB Scored 1553 Most Valauable Player PIPER PASCAL

  12. 1GW Scored 1,237 Most Valuable Player LILYMAY PIKE

  13. 3SG Scored 938 Most Valuable Player ALLEN COPING

  14. 2KC Scored 512 Most Valuable Player BlAYZE KINSELLA

  15. 56JQ/DS Scored 99 Most Valuable Player RED WELCH

  16. The Teachers Scored 0!!! Most Valuable Player NONE OF THEM

Rock Respect to you all- except the teachers # disgraceful performance!

Next Week the battles are:

Year 5 V Year 4

Year 6 V Year 2

Year 1 V Year 3

These battles are based on close scores in previous rounds. The teachers just need practice so are not ready for battle yet!

Set your alarm clocks for 8:30, the BATTLES start at 9:00am tomorrow and finish 4:00pm Friday

HOMEWORK: 5 Sessions on Garage. If you think they are too easy - don't panic! You are just practicing skills until your next gig, then they will change. so work hard towards the next Gig. Disappointingly less than half of us are completing our TTRockstars homework ad we have LOTS of time to do this and it needs little or no adult help. 4HT and 5PM are the only class in double digits for homework completion and they are only JUST into double digits. FELLING A BIT BORED- then practice your Times Tables on TT Rockstars- have extra fun and challenge someone else on Rockslam.

Knowing your Times Tables makes EVERYTHING easier! Well lots of Maths calculations- so KEEP PRACTISING.

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