TT Rockstars Update 27.06.20

Another exciting week of Battling! Well Done for all those who took part . Certificates will be delivered by 'Grayson Mail' ( only just faster then Snail Mail) sometime next week, or possible the week after!

Year 1 scored 1581 beating Year 3 who scored 561.

Brilliant Year 1! Come on year 3- pull you socks up!

Year 1 Most Valuable Player= Nuno Baran ( not too keen on this Rock Name as Wolves have just beaten Villa and the Grayson household is a very grumpy on at the moment!)

Year 3 Most Valuable Player= Slash Tyner This will be Slash's first certificate- Well done!

Year 6 scored 17,086 against Year 2 who scored 3697. Year 2 put up a good fight and there is a 4 year age gap.

Year 6 Most Valuable player is AGAIN VV Volt who scored over 10,000 points for his team!

Year 2 Most Valuable Player = Justin Elefante, a regular high scorer.

Year 5 scored 12004 but this was not quite enough to win against Year 4 who scored 12,296! What a close match that was and certainly encouraged year 5s who worked hard not to lose, but , sadly, they did!

Year 5 Most Valuable Player= Ko Savage, this is a hat trick of certificates for Ko!

Year 4 Most Valuable Player= Jenny De La Rocha, I've delivered so many certificates to her/him that I might as well move in!

NEXT WEEKS BATTLES are against theTEACHERS You should all win easily but teachers are quite competitive and they like to be in control so who knows! The two top players from each class will earn a certificate next week.

HOMEWORK: Is just 5 sessions/ 5 mins on TT Rockstars. BUT still 11 children out of 28 was the highest amount of children in one group who had completed it last week, most classes were below 10 children and some were less than 5! Next week, I hope , EVERYONE will give me 5 mins of their time to practice Times Tables and complete their homework.

Remember Battles Start 9:00am Monday and finish 4:00om Friday. Rock Respect to you all!

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