TT Rockstars Update- Were the boys defeated?

The simple answer to that is NO! The Boys scored 53, 342 and the Girls scored 32,381. A great win Boys Well Done!

However on the boys team Jenny De La Rocha ( Y4) scored 18,076 points and had scored 1000 of these in the first 5 minutes of the battle on Monday morning! VV Volt (Y6) scored 17,988 points but the scores for the rest of the boys were lower than the girls, so on average the boys scored lower but these two ensured that the boys secured victory. We need you next week!

Other players worthy of note on the boys team were:

Felix Dokken ( Y4)

Baz Snoob ( Y4)

Cree Ambrose (Y6)

The Top 5 Players for the girls were:

Justin Elefante ( Y2)

Libby Urbine (Y4)

Duffy Haseltine sounds like a politician but is actually Mrs Wills

Brock Rockbwoy ( Y1) her score was higher than most of the boys AND she beat a teacher!

Southside Sally- the teacher!

Rock Respect to all the players mentioned and all the players who took part. I am so impressed with the improvements in your times table knowledge and speed that I think it's time for a rematch with Woodfield!

Now last time they beat massively us by 380,051 points to our 155,736! ! The Battle Starts on Tuesday at 9:00am and ends Friday at 4:00pm. HOMEWORK next week is just 4 sessions on Garage- but please do as many as you can ! To join the battle all you need to do is PLAY. We are now one TEAM let's show them how good we now are and earn some Rock Respect back!

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