TT Rockstart Final Lockdown Update 11.07.20

76 Children Battled hard this week... 37 Boys V 39 Girls... A fantastic effort from all who took part- but who were the winners? Could it be that the girls were doing something far more important or that the boys are just super competitive and like chocolate more? Who knows? But the WINNERS again were the BOYS who scored an impressive 95,350 points against the Girls who scored a very respectable 32,871. To be fair to the girls, the 3 players who are ALWAYS top of the leader board are boys and the top three boys scored 52,000 without anyone else! Perhaps we can ban them from the battle next time for being too good!! I did say the top 10 boys and top 10 girls will receive a certificate, prize and chocolate. The post could be extra slow for this one as there are so many of you- but fear, not it will arrive- probably when you least expect it -but definitely before September!

Top 10 Girls:

1. Justin Elefante

2. Liz Starlight

3.Stacy Sto

4. Stephanie Blumberg

5. Allen Coping

6. Royal Floyd

7. Tish Greenwald

8. Aimee von Rock

9. Holly Carter

10. Nona Beefheart

Top 10 Boys

  1. VV Volt

  2. Jenny De La Rocha

  3. Ko Savage

  4. Kameko Reinhard

  5. Baz Snoob

  6. Irox Ruffner

  7. Richie Corabi

  8. Florence Jourgensen

  9. Nuno Baron

  10. Kirk Bowie

As I said last week there will be no battles this week or over the summer holidays as I will need to move you all to your new Maths Rock Bands ready for September! If you go on and find yourself in the next year group then I have moved you but you can still continue to practise, earn points and make purchases. Year 6 will need to be removed from their bands- but don't panic I will keep you on as a 'Leavers Group' until christmas so that you can still keep practising. Many of your secondary schools use TT Rockstars too. As you know and as I keep saying - knowing your times tables accurately and at speed helps with ( almost) everything in maths and will certainly be needed as you move on to your Secondary education. Year 6 we wish you well!

HOMEWORK: Will be set for this week- but each year group will be slightly different so you will need to log in to find out! 5PM was the best homework class this week with 12 out of 28 children completing it. Not as much as I'd like but better than other bands as most are in single figures. Please make time to practise your times tables over the holidays- just 5 mins a few times a week would make a big difference. Remember ' If you don't use it, you lose it'. We will all have gaps in our learning when we return to school and this is one way of filling them.

Thankyou for working so hard on your times tables. I regularly look at the photos from our TT Rockstars ( they will still be on the wall when you come back) and smile as I remember what a great day we had and how funny Mr Bull looked! Have a great holiday Rockstars, hope the sun shines, try new things, keep safe (no headbanging or stage diving), stay healthy and we very much look forward to welcoming you all back in September!


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