TTRock Stars Update 07.06.20

Last weeks TT Rockstars battles for some were a walk in the park for others quite tense at times. At one point during thursday morning there were only 7 points between 6NW and 6ST! the results are as follows:

6NW scored 2752 with 7 players but were beaten by 6ST who scored 3729 with 8 Players.

The Top 4 scorers were

Florence Jourgenson 6ST

Nona Beefheart 6ST

Nancy Allison 6NW

Stella Reid 6NW

Year 4 scored a whopping 15,960 with 30 players and beat Year 5 who scored 4720 with 18 players. come on year 5- you are getting used to defeat at the moment! Soon we'll be calling you Aston Villa!

The Top 4 scorers were:

Jenny De La Rocha Y4

Baz Snoob Y4

Jessy Schwartzman Y5 ( in my set- Go Jessy- I know who you are- keep working hard!)

Ko Savage Y5

2KC scored 900 with 8 players but 2MS scored an impressive 8165 with 6 players.

The Top Scorers were:

Justin Elefante 2MS

Stephanie Blumberg 2MS

Sam Useche 2KC

Justin Rose 2KC

Year 1 had a battle rest last week but were still practising.

The Year 1 Top Scorers were:

Bobbyzio Springsteen 1BW

Major Vasoli 1GW

Rock Respect to all who took part. Homework completion is still in single figures for each rock band EXCEPT 4HT! Almost half the group- the best band for teamwork at the moment. Come on Springdale EVERYONE should be on TT Rockstars both at home and at school. We were doing so well with our timestables- don't waste all that hard work. Keep Practising! Home work is 5 sessions a week. Just do one a day. It only takes a maximum of 3 minutes!


A clever thinker in Year 6 suggested we have a knockout tournament to find the top 3 Bands at Springdale. A great idea! So tomorrow we start ROUND 1


56KK V 56 JQ/DS




It looks like 4RB are battling twice but their points will just count in both battles- we had an odd number of teams!