VE Bank Holiday Update

What an exciting Battle we had last week! It was a little like WW2 in that it was very closely fought, luckily no blood was shed ( or not that I know of) and it only lasted 4 days , not 6 years!


Year 1 scored 10,513 with Brock Rockbwoy scoring 6506 points alone! When we are allowed to shake hands again Brock, I am coming to shake yours!

Year 2 scored 8,404 with Justin Elefante as the highest scorer.

A closely fought battle. Well Done Year 1 won!

Year 3 scored 14,846 and they couldn't have done it without Piper Pascal who score 12,130 of those points! Year 3 owe you a 2 metre distance, air high five!

Year 5 scored 12,76 with JoJo Haynes as the top scorer again. She was a fantastic Easter Battler too.

A closely fought battle again, but a bit embarrassing year 5 because Year 3 won.

Year 4 scored 20,587 points with Jenny de la Rocha as the top scorer! Don't be fooled by his name- he is a regular top scorer.

Year 6 scored 24,016 and VV Volt scored 12,016 of those points! It must have been the chocolate Easter Bunnies giving him all the fuel he needed! Loved the photo on the year 6 blog.

A very, very close battle! Year 6 won- just! Well done!

HOMEWORK: There was only 4 sessions set on Garage last week but still only a few people completed it. One class had nearly half there team complete it- this was the best performance! One class had 0% complete their homework. This has happened twice with the same class. Make it a hat-trick and might have to name and shame! This means that we only have a few soldiers in our army fighting these battles! Remember every coin you earn is a battle point. You just need to play to be part of the battle- no special training required.

It would be fantastic if at least 1 class could have 100% homework completion! I'd settle for 80% ... or even over 50% at the moment! Come on Springdale! 5 sessions of homework set for next week. That'