Weekly Update

Well Done to everyone who took part in the Battles last week. It's really good practice for working under pressure and gets very competitive. I know it was disturbing some of the teachers from their work!

IGW were the Year 1 winners with Brock RockBwoy as their star player.

2Ms were the Year 2 winners with Gigi Summer as their star player.

3PB beat 3SG - I am personally disappointed with that! And Piper Pascal, we have heard your name before and know exactly who you are, was the star player.

34 AC beat 3AS and the star player was Ash Cosmo

4HT beat 4RB and the star Player was Baz Snoob- a regular star!

5PM beat 5SG ( oh no!) and their star player was Ava Zaremba

56 KK beat 56QS/DS with VV Volt- I've just delivered a prize to your house as the Star Player!

6NW beat 6ST- Miss Thompson is in tears!- and Cree Ambrose was the star player

THE TEACHERS beat 4ACBC and Duchess Bloom- who needs to get out more- was the star player!

I GW were also the overall winners and have earned an extra playtime when we get back to school, as have 4HT who completed the most homework last week.

NEXT WEEK: HOMEWORKis set for ONLY 4 sessions in the hope that we will have 100% completion from at least 1 group. Come on Springdale! Thats only 1 session Mon-Wednesday!

BATTLES start on Monday at 9:00am and Finish Thursday at 4:00pm

Year 6 V Year 4

Year 5 V Year 3