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It is our intention when delivering the PE curriculum that there is a focus on developing resilient, motivated, independent learners with the intention of supporting the health and wellbeing of all pupils. Our intention is to provide children with the possibility to widen the opportunities available to them through whole-school and community initiatives that will offer the skills, knowledge and understanding of physical activity and how to apply them in both competitive and recreational situations. We work to ensure that all children receive a high quality learning experience in which they are able to develop and understand the importance of health and wellbeing by equipping them with the necessary values needed to achieve within education and for their future.



Through our delivery of the PE curriculum, we aim to provide an inspirational learning experience which allows children to follow and develop their own interests and ideas through a range of lessons and extra-curricular activities on offer. Throughout a child’s time at Springdale, we aim to provide the necessary opportunities for children to be able to plan, lead and evaluate their own lessons. We want them to be able to achieve and experience success through an inclusive and engaging curriculum. This can be achieved through the use of differentiation so that all children are able to access consistent opportunities across the school. Each child will receive two lessons a week, delivered by class teachers and qualified coaches.


Our aim is to ensure that the attainment and individual growth of each student is reflective of their potential. Encouraging them to maximise the opportunities within that area, striving for them to exceed statutory expectations. This is done through regular use of end of unit assessments completed by teachers or coaches.

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